CRB Checks

CRB Checks and the Disclosure and Barring Service

As of December 2012, the Criminal Record Bureau and the Independent Safeguarding Authority merged and is now called the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).  The contact number for their Helpline is 0870 90 90 811.


You will hear a lot of face painters stating that they are CRB checked or hold an Enhanced CRB certificate. I myself have also passed an Enhanced CRB check with the Criminal Records Bureau when I worked for the NHS as a HCA (auxiliary nurse), but does this mean I can use this same certificate for Face Painting? No.


Let me explain………

A CRB check will be done by an employer for a specific role. Generally a CRB check only needs to be done when the role involves being responsible for children or vulnerable individuals, but this is not always the case, there are some exceptions. As a face painter I would not be responsible for the supervision/care of any individual I was painting. At any event I attend, whether it be a party at home, a birthday at a venue, a school fair, a market or even a town centre I would expect a parent , guardian or carer to be in attendance.

I strongly recommend that you read the eligibility  guidance that can be obtained directly from the DBS


There does seems to be some myths and mis-information surrounding CRB checks, so I highly recommend that you speak directly to the Disclosure and Barring Service. I have found their service very helpful and without their help I couldn’t have put this information together.


Finally, apologies for bombarding you with lots of information, but when I was starting my business I felt that it was only right that I read up on the CRB check. In doing so I was surprised how little my understanding was. If your event requires me to pass any checks then I will happily work with you or the organisers, but again, who can apply for a DBS check is set out in legislation. Please contact me and we can work together to meet your needs.