Well, what a busy week I have had

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Well everyone it is nearly the end of May 2014 and what a busy week I have had.

Firstly my liquid bling has arrived and wow I managed to use it this week on some adult designs and it looks great. I am still novice at it and will need to practice more but so far so good. Unfortunately I was so busy I didn’t get to take any pics but I will upload some as soon as I can.


The Hulk Face Paint

I have done loads of new designs this week which has been requested by the public, they are done there and then when I have been requested the design so don’t judge me too bad but believe it or not except from on my son years ago I had never painted The Hulk. So at a charity event this week I painted my first Hulk, take a look at my gallery and please let me know what you think. It needs tweeking but it’s great.


Disney Olaf Frozen Face PaintPeppa PigI was also at my usual spot on Ashton Farmers Market this week (last Sunday of the month) and two teenagers wanted their faces painted (it’s not unusual) but they chose each other’s designs and didn’t know what they was having until I finished. The young man was chosen to have Olaf from Frozen, and the young lady had Peppa Pig. Both were really impressed and loved their small cheek designs. Pictures found in the gallery. Heath Ledger The Joker Face Paint The last face I painted at the market was of this little boy who looked so angelic and must of been no older than 4, after queuing for 45mins he politely sat down on my high chair and when asked what he would like, he shocked me by saying he wanted The Joker, from batman. He asked for the Heath Ledger version of the jokers face. So I obliged of course, now let me tell you something, when a child asks for something, the wait can sometimes be agonising for the child and the pure delight on their small face when they get to see my design on their faces is what truly makes this job amazing. Again, I hadn’t really done the Jokers face before so all comments are welcome. The picture of this little boy is in my gallery.



If you have any request just comment in the comments box and I will get a design picture uploaded of your chosen design 🙂



– Jenni



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