I may have been quiet on here, but trust me I have been very busy

As the title states and I must apologize, I have been very quite and haven’t written my blog for a few weeks but I have been extremely busy.

i have been looking for ways to improve my equipment and scouting out other Professionals kits, whom have been in the business many years, and I find I am almost there on most aspects.

My main goal was to make myself fully self sufficient and today I have completed my goal by buying 3 sturdy, well made, foldable chairs. I’ve got one for myself as I find that standing for hours on end can hurt my back, one for the older children and adults as my high directors chair can be a bit too big at times, and finally a spare chair so any adults that are waiting can rest their weary legs too!

I have up to yet used matt colours, in my large array of paints but after speaking to and working along side 8 other professional face painters, I have bought 8 new sparkle/pearl paints. These will add yet another dimension to my designs, especially the Marvels superhero faces and the girly designs.

i have been pondering on how is the best way to transport and present my paints. I have been looking into new storage, possibly palettes, to hold and ease the process. The problem with transporting paints is that the lids can and do get damaged, resulting in paint getting everywhere. This doesn’t look very professional in my opinion, and gets rather filthy too. Unfortunately two well known websites are out of stock of the palettes I would like to buy but I did manage to buy one palette which holds 8 paints, so I have put my newest sparkle/pearl paints in it.

its not well known but when you face paint and use sponges to apply base coats, for hygiene reasons, you can’t use the same sponge on several clients. This determines that I have a large amount of sponges so I don’t run out of clean ones for each new face I paint. Hence 18 new sponges have been added to my kit this week. Full circle sponges get cut in half so that doubles the amount of sponges I have. I now need to find a draw string net bag to transport my mini mountain of sponges. That’s next on the to do list.

More new stencils have been added to my kit, I use well made and reliable stencils. BAS (bad ass stencils) these come in all sizes and shapes. My 3 newest stencils are snow flakes (good for Frozen designs), an open rose and an autumn leaf design. All 3 of these are beautiful and I could only find them in America and not in England. It took 3 weeks for them to arrive and now I am itching to use these and create amazing faces. I must remember to take pictures.


I don’t have enough space to write about all the events I have painted at recently but I will tell you about one big public event I attended. I was invited by a very experienced and award winning painter to join her team and paint at Manchester Day Parade 2014. There was 8 other professionals there too as we had a whole parade to paint in only 3hrs! Due to the vast numbers, we were paired up together. I was paired with a fantastic painter called Barb. We both clicked well together and blasted through all the faces whilst laughing and chatting with each float cast (the people who danced/moved/walked along side each float). The designs had to be bright, in keeping with the theme and fairly simple as the performers were continually moving and no one would be able to see fine details. I think I got through lots of glitter in those 3hrs, but the faces looked amazing and when I looked at all the media on the parade, it was great to see┬áthe very faces I painted.

Many new and exciting events are coming up on my calendar, with all my new equipment, and new skills I truly can’t wait to update you all on how things are progressing.

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