New Blog

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a little while on my website, but I’ve held off for various reasons. I’ve been face painting for less than a year, so really I’m still classed as a newbie when you can compare me to established painters with 10+ years of experience.


So what will I ramble on about?


Well, what I don’t think most people realise when they turn a skill or hobby into a business is how much work is done behind the scenes. There is many an hour spent and midnight oil burned learning a whole new bunch of skills that make a business tick. This blog will be about my journey, hopefully a sucessful journey into the realms of being a self employed face painter.


I’ve set this blog up so you can comment using your Facebook login and I really welcome comments of any type (as long as suitable viewing for a family audience, of course). Also, not to forget, please drop by my FACEBOOK PAGE and click the like button, leave a comment or even better, share my posts. I aim to make a new post each Monday (weekends can be too hectic) and hopefully you will find it of interest.


– Jenni

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